MePlaylist for artists and record labels

If you’re an artist, a record label or part of the artist management team, you can distribute your music through a music distributor.

Below includes some of our partners that are recommended to help you get your music on the platform.

These companies will handle the licensing, distribution, and administration of your music.

Claim your Artist Profile

Claim your artist profile by downloading the MePlaylist app or SIGN UP to have access to your User ID. You can access your USER ID from the settings page on the mobile app or web app username by clicking at the top right hand corner.

Also, don't forget to request for your unique claim artist profile link from your music distributor. If you have already claimed your profile, please LOG IN to see how your music is performing all over the world.

MePlaylist Analytics

Take advantage of MePlaylist analytics from our listeners who interact with your artist profile and music from all around the world.

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